Aries: Unique Gifts for the Fiery Beer Lover

If you are reading this blog post, then you are most certainly looking for a unique gift for the beer-lovin’ Aries in your life. And why not? Why not indeed.

A quick peek through the search engines brought me to the idea that Aries values “Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, and individual sports.”

Well, I have something for you that fills all those buckets: The purchase of a Yard of Ale Glass and Stand. Picture your favorite Aries, in their matching sweatpants/shirt, taking command and showing their physical prowess as they challenge themselves to the individual sport of hefting a Yard of Ale and Skulling the yard down the hatch. Or, simply slowly savoring their favorite beverage from a 100% made in the USA handcrafted work of borosilicate art.

So let’s make that fantasy a reality! Purchase a Yard of Ale Glass and Stand today.

Hello world!

Thanks for checking out the new site for my glass work. I will be writing and updating this blog with pictures of work, including historical and custom Yard of Ale glasses I have made over the years.

I am also interesting in the history of the Yard of Ale Glass, beer science, glassblowing, wine, and other random topics which may or may not be glass related.

Thanks for reading!