Scorpio: Gifts for the November Beer Lover

Well, it’s November 22nd, and it’s time to… Wait a minute… Scorpio season is over you say? It only runs until November 21st you say?

Well, I say Fi! To that. You know, like they did in the middle ages, when someone said something nonsensical, you would simply reply “Fi!” and give a dismissing wave. (Some encounters were a lot more civil in those days – others, not so much)

But let’s not forget about the Cusp Scorpios, those for whom November 21st is not the be-all-end-all of Scorpio season, but merely a suggestion of the end yet to come. And this post is for those scorpions. Specifically, those who enjoy a cold brewed beverage from a very large glass.

So, you ask, what would be a good gift for the Beer loving Scorpio? Well, Scorpios embody and radiate a soulful intensity – to them, following a path with heart is the only way to live life. Focusing this intensity toward connecting with friends and loved ones yields the best outcomes for those of this sign.

And what, you ask, is a good way for these scorpions to connect with friends and loved ones? Over a cold glass of beer. Specifically, a Yard of Ale! Consuming a yard glass of beer with a scorpio has many advantages over a simple pint glass. One, it’s a lot bigger! That means a lot more time drinking and connecting with friends and loved ones. Ok, you may say, but what are some other reasons?

Alas, that is the mystery for you to explore! Simply purchase a Yard of Ale Glass for your beloved Scorpio (or, well, anyone else) by clicking on the link here. Give the gift of connection!

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