Libra: Gifts for the October Birthday Beer Lover

The crisp autumn air, the changing colors of the leaves, football on Saturdays and Sundays – Yes, it’s that time of year again – Libra season. If you know Libras, they are social, fun people, who enjoy working hard and playing hard. Their lives are about balance – symbolized by the image of the Scales.

What could be a better gift for the beer loving libra in your life, rather than a Yard of Ale Glass and Stand? In terms of balance, nothing beats consuming beer in large quantities instead of smaller servings. Why? A pint of beer weighs about 1 pound. My Yard of Ale glasses hold about 3 pints, approx 48 ounces, or 3 pounds. Now, the glass itself weighs 2 or 3 lbs. The wooden stand, which holds the glass, is a couple of pounds.

With these numbers in mind, think of the caloric burn! Sure, you’re drinking calories, but by lifting heavy glasses full of beer, you are also burning calories! And building muscle. That’s why a Yard of Ale Glass and Stand, made by yours truly, is the perfect gift for the discerning Libra. It is the very embodiment of balance – working hard, while playing hard.

Want to buy that special Libra in your life something they will treasure forever, and honor their commitment to balance and harmony? Click here and get it done.

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