Wine Decanters


decanter with beads

    decanter with donut and beads  
  Bejeweled Wine Decanter

Height: 10 1/4"
Width of base: 8"
Diameter of mouth: 2 3/4"
Volume capacity: 1250+ ml
    Bejeweled Decanter with Donut

Height: 12 3/4"
Width of base: 2"
Diameter of mouth: 7"
Volume capacity: 1250+ ml

donut decanter

Regular Decanter

Height: 15"
Width of base: 7"
Width of stem: 38 mm
Diameter of mouth: 2 1/2"
Volume capacity: 1250+ ml
    Donut Decanter

In this decanter, the "donut" creates an
additional barrier through which the wine must
pass before settling, encouraging further
"opening up" of the flavors and aromas.

Height: 16"
Width of base: 5"
Diameter of stem: 38 mm
Diameter of mouth: 2 1/4"
Volume capacity: 1250+ ml


About Wine Decanters

Decanters are used to enhance both wine's taste and its visual appeal. In older bottles, specifically red wines, a decanter will allow you to separate some of the sediment that is inevitable during the aging process. Decanting also opens up the bouquet, especially of big red wines, either young or old.

Decanters add a nice touch to a dinner table, as a centerpiece.

The practice of decanting is simple. Just pour the wine into the decanter and splash it as you pour. Then allow 10 to15 minutes to let the exposure to air enhance the wine's flavor. The act of pouring from the vessel to a glass aerates the wine further, adding additional vibrancy, texture, and aroma.

Click here to learn more about the essential practice of decanting wine.

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